So...i've just been traumatized...I was watching CNN and saw some guy in Lybia head smooshed on the pavement. I Usually watch CTV news (canadian televistion news) and they never show things like that. I think itz illigal here. The weird part is it was like 6pm. so, any kid could have seen it!!! Has this happened to you or iz it normal for them to be showing dead ppl on the evenig news in the U.S.???

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I do not know whether your concern that such scenes are   watched by  children , due to the fact that in Canada, mostly  persons watching CNN are under 18 years of age???

I think that both in Poland and the USA (and the rest of the world), news channels watching mainly adults. Even teens are rare.

Maybe sometimes it happens that a child accidentally watched a scene of violence on CNN, but such scenes are always in the context of the condemnation of violence, and do not occur, as it does in computer games, as a form of reward for the efficiency of the player. In the games, scenes of violence  are available to every child.  
You should worry about the games, because they may develop sadism in young children. The news channels are used violent to call the compassion for the victims, not the growth of sadism.

Firstly, my concern waz not about children becoming sadistz. I, who am an adult, don't need to see someonez head opened  when I turn on my televission set. All I need is for the anchor to tell me that people died and that would be clear enough for me. Also, people in canada usually get their news From CTV or GLOBAL (if there are any other candians reading this you can confirm). Another thing is, I was watching the news as a child and as a teenager and so did my friends. So the fact that YOU didn't watch the news as a child or teen doesn't meen that that is the case in the rest of the world. Due to lawz in Canada we have restrictions on what iz allowed to be difused on air consiquently, due to satellitez we can obtain channelz from around the world wich exposez us to thingz we wouldn't normally see on canadian television. I just wanted to know if they alwayse show dead people on the news in other countries and not only dead I wanted to know if they show open bodies and stuff like that. It seemed pretty clear to me.That iz that regarding my post.

Now about sadism. From what I understand, Sadism is defined az Getting sexual gratification from enflicting pain on otherz....I like to spank my Boyfriend from time to time because it excites me. I also do martial artz and when I get to punch or kick someone in the face I alwayse go home a bit excited.This makes me a bit of a sadist. I am unable to make the connection between that and video gamez. Also, I wasn't allowed to play video gamez as a child so that iz another reason why I cant blame video gamez for my sadistic tendencies. Video gamez are violent but they don't encourage sexual gratification. Kidz arent jakking off while they play Left4 Dead or Donkey Kong. Maybe some kid had a weird crush on Dixie Kong but its not because they got to throw a barell at her. Itz probably because he found her HOT!

How is showing a open head going to encourage compassion? All it encouraged in me iz a puke-fest. I waz pointing out the time because if they will play something very violent on the the news they usually play it on the 11oclock news. And I am not saying that vidoe gamez aren't violen't but most healthy ajusted people have the ability to seperate fiction from reality.



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