What is your honest opinion about the new style that LP brought in the newest Album ( a thousand suns ) ?

well, just spit it out.

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I think it's the most creative album and of course I can't deny it's not as havy as TH and M but if they had done the music wich the wanted to have they would be just a commercial band. And to be honest I was really excitet as I heard that the new album will be completely different
I can't say it's the best because each album is different so I can't compare. All I can say is it is very unique and inspiring,specially the lyrics. The beats and instruments used are great and compliments each other too, not too much not too little, everything is well balanced. And the most important part is that they did a successful job in sending a positive message through their music, it is important for musicians to make their listeners "REALLY" listen to their music and understand rather than just head bang to every beat. Their music makes a difference. Chester's voice improved a lot and Mike is just as awesome. The band did a great job.
i thought it was good ilike lps old style but this new one has a poetic vibe to it and to me a view of the future as well,lp rocks no matter what.
I love it, the guys know what they'er doing.
Can't decide which is better: when the endorphins from running mix with the music and wash over my brain, oh when they come for me, iI'll be gone; or lying perfectly still and having Chester tell me, Love keeps us kind. That's the most simply profound and hopeful thing any one has told me in too long, in music or otherwise. I can only hope the creative flow continues, no matter where it goes, I'm along for the ride. TY LP * * * * *
well, that's all i wanted to hear from all of you.
this is the reason why we call ourself as fans, because no matter what,
we always can look to their piece of art better, deeper than any other.
we always able to understand their cause better than any other.
because, we are their blood, their spirit, without our support, all of their acts and
efforts would become nothing / useless.
so, despite of other people's negative opinion to our great Band, we will always
stand with them.
well, that's just my Conclusive opinion. ^_^

Linkin Park Rocks 4ever.
Glad to hear it. i made a video for u. my first compilation. it's not very good but here goes.

well..i love it...every new Lp thing is a great one..'cause the boys are so original and talented...so thumbs up :D



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