Well, Every time I remembered about the first time I knew about LP and when the first time I listen to their song, it always get me really really excited, the feeling I would never able to forget.

When I was on my first years in high school,
I heard about em a lil from my friend, but I ignored it.
My first LP song to heard was Somewhere I Belong,
wow, even from the first time i heard it, I know that Would love the band forever.
haha ^_^

so ?
what is your first LP song ?
when ?
what's your reaction ?

Tell me, Tell Us.

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ever since i can understand the word 'music'...
i've been in love with LP...
the first lp's song i listen to was 'points of authority'....
it's been 7 years but...it's still my favorite one...
there's no word can describe my feeling that time correctly...
wanna jump out of the window....
that's exactly what I am talking about, bro.
LoL, that's feeling is second to none.
Its been ten years since i first heard of linkin park. i was four years old when i first heard thier song: one step closer. the first song i got crazy about was in the end because that was the first rap and rock song i loved. too me that was the most unique song i ever heard. i started knowing about more updates about linkin park then when i was growing up. that was my first LP experience.
thanks for the add bro.



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