So we all know that big bands tend to come to New Zealand only when visiting Australia because of the convenience of the hop across the ditch.

LPU presales are already on for the Australian shows, so where's our New Zealand show date?


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I fully agree giselle where is the New Zealand Show?!

So, how are we going to rally them into coming here too?

Despite claiming that I would never make a twitter account, I made one yesterday just to keep posting to the guys pages about coming here (one post a day by the way, I'm not spamming them [but then, maybe that would work better...?]).

I will be so very deeply disappointed if they skip us on this tour.
look at what i found "Bourdon says although it hasn't been confirmed yet the band is hoping to announce dates soon in New Zealand"

this looks hopeful :)
Thanks so much for posting this! =D

I was so gutted when there was no NZ date announced with the Australian ones, this truly made my day.

Thank you =]

Corey Kok said:
look at what i found "Bourdon says although it hasn't been confirmed yet the band is hoping to announce dates soon in New Zealand"

this looks hopeful :)
I just picked up the album at the store today and saw a sticker on the front cover that they are touring Australia, hence the reason I'm scouring the internet for NZ tour dates. Let's hope they do come through with the NZ date, they are one of the few bands I would actually pay to see. The last concert here was intense!
I had a look on the Vector Arena's website earlier in the month and it looks like its booked out with other shows before and after Linkin Park's tour dates in Australia. I haven't had a chance to look at other venues in Auckland, and through out New Zealand, where they might also perform, but maybe that's one reason why we've not been included in this leg of their tour? Otherwise that makes two of us scouring the internet for clues! haha
I agree, Linkin Park's last shows here were intense! The only other concert I've been to which came close (and I've been to quite a few) was Fort Minor's back in 2006.
You would think that a #1 ranking, acknowledged by Mike himself, would be good incentive to come down for a visit:
Given the disappointing line up with BDO I really hope they pull through with the NZ show. Especially since the main reason I joined lpux was to get good tickets to it =S after reading that they were almost positive they were coming here.
And I really hope that they don't only play BDO. I've got nothing against the festival, but I'd rather see just them and have some kind of assurance that we'll get tickets to do so.
at this stage, i don't see linkin park coming anytime soon.
the fact that on the CD/DVD editions of ATS it has a TOURING AUSTRALIA sticker is not promising. that alongside how close it is to their Australia dates that it would be unusual to announce one now and i also emailed their touring company for australia (who also bring bands touring Australia across the ditch) and they replied "Michael Coppel Presents looks after the tours in both Australia and New Zealand. This is definitely the email you would need to contact about tour dates etc. Unfortunately I have nothing to tell you as there have been no New Zealand shows announced. Kind regards, Emily."
The best we can do is cross our fingers, let Linkin Park AND the touring company know how much New Zealand loves Linkin Park and by the way, what is your guys stance on petitions? that is kinda another plan i had in mind.
anyway, i have set up a facebook page for news and updates here if you need it:
I like the idea of a petition, if LP comes to BDO it will definitely be the biggest BDO ever!!! Todd I like the Facebook page! good job, and guys go to the following website and demand for LP to come:
Please come to NZ LP!!!!
With them still announcing AUS dates the NZ dates seem so close you can taste them (mmm strawberry)



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