David ''Phoenix'' Farrell has often been unappreciated by a number of fans. Even today, there are those who think Phoenix is nothing more than 'just a bass player'. We are here to prove them wrong. 

Phoenix has always been an important part of the band. Mike Shinoda, one of the vocalists, has recently made a list of the most important events for Linkin Park in the last decade.

The release of Minutes To Midnight, their latest and most stylistically revolutionary album, was ranked 2nd.

The return of Phoenix to the band after a year of absence was ranked 1st.

According to Mike, the band would've imploded if it weren't for Dave's calming presence. Dave was often 'the voice of reason' in the band.

This group, this thread - they're not about blind adoration or lusting over a rock-star. This is about paying tribute to a talented musician; about acknowledging the fact that David ''Phoenix'' Farrell is just as an important part of the band as Mike, Chester, Rob, Joe and Brad.

This thread is about respect.

This thread is about Phoenix.

In here, you should find not only examples of Dave's talent but also of the great love and respect that we, the members of this group, have for the amazing bass' player of Linkin Park.

Phoenix Defenders, let it rip! \m/

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There may be better bassist's but pheonix is the best in my eyes and many other peoples eyes. He is the best bassist


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