hey guys what do you think the long scream by chester in given up or the rhtymic shout in messenger!!!! give ur votes!!!!!

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givenn up!

I Love Given Up , I Like That Scream Which Lasts Like 17 Seconds , Yeahh :D

I'm Not Saying That Messenger Is Bad u.u , I Like It Too n.n 


I love both those songs very much, and the oh-way-oh in Messenger is lovely, as is the screaming so great in Given Up, perfect for me, so what was said below really hits the mark for me. :)

HeavenDeathDancer-Lory said:
I can't vote .....because those are 2 totally different things..those songs shine each in their way....and give out different energys......given up paints that crazy tone in chester voice when he screams just letting our emotions flood it all......and the messenger displays chester voice in a totally different state....bringing a warm lovely feeling that sourrounds and protects us...they are different not only sound wise but from the lyrics too....both have a lot of feelings bottled up inside them and i think just letting them daze us with their grace is enough:)
uumm..ummm...I CAN'T CHOOSE!!! lol! I love both of them! They both mean a lot to me in different ways :)



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