I listen to the LP for 2 years. My friend listened to the LP, but I somehow did not like, and then I began increasingly to face with their music in my life, and later began to listen constantly. But I'm not a fan of brainless. I am a true connoisseur of music. I only listen to good music. I plan to go to work as a DJ on the TV when grow up. I'm much better versed in music videos and artist than many DJs. I hate pop music and Tokio Hotel with Cinema Bizarre. I listen to Linkin Park, Rammstein, Green Day and Eminem. And I can say that Linkin Park is one of the greatest, religious groups in the history of modern music. Thank you for the music that they are doing .....

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i'm so agree with you masha.... linkin park totally rocks!!! they're music really influence me a lot.... i really admire LINKIN PARK..... i hope that they continued to make great and inspiring music..... LP foe life!!!
Where ahve you been all my life
I totally Agree with you
I've been lisenting to Linkin Park for 5 years now
And 15 day's, it gonna be our anniversary since i started listening to them
But Probly Mike the Most
Oh, you from Belarus too? I also want to Linkin Park came to Minsk. I live in Minsk too.
The music of LP its in my life since i have 13 years old,, and from that time the lyrics of LP make sense with all the things I feel... I love them....



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