Hello! I am also a big fan of this group and hope that you will appreciate the discussion ))

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LINKIN PARK are amazing!!!!
very good! I admire them for that as they sing and all that
I thing that they are incredibly good. I'm youe biggest fan! About Mike, I love he so mytch. He's so humble, so funny and so cut! And your raps are the best in the world! I love you guys ♥
Mike is a great musician! he got so much talent! and Linkin Park in general is amazing, i love they music!
What can I say?LP is so creative.And M.Shindoa can be the best rapper!Do you remember Hands Held High?It's really fast!
I also think so!=)
I like the fact that no matter how big there star status is they are all still grounded, level headed, and hummble. They show and proove that you can have it all and still be the respectful and considerate human being your family raised you to be.

I think one reason that LP is my (and I hope your) favourite band is that the guys of the group are grounded you know

they are still real. And I'm a musician like these guys I love to make wierd sounds you know yust to be creativ with musi.

Once I saw a video of a concet in youtube and Chester sad something like that: "Linkin Park has the best fans in the world

because you (the fans (we)) love music as much as we (LP) love music" and I think it's very true especially when you take a

look into the charts of today (you know lady gaga and all that house crap)

M.Shinoda, whatever he does is always amazing, like- look at the FM lyrics, they're sooo amazing, LP are gods to me, I love them for everything!!

And appriciate u for this post!! :)

keep 'em coming

Mike Shinoda... How can i describe him? Articulate (just listen to all his interviews), down to earth, and sooo amazingly talented!! A great rapper, songwriter, lyricist, musician, designer, album producer, artist, singer (got great vocals to compliment Chester's) & has an incredible stage presence! Linkin Park... by far the best rock band ever...I salute them for all their heartfelt charity work.. Thank u so much LP :)



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