What is the best scream chester done in lp song from all albums or lives?

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given up! :D
Definitily Bleed it out!!!
one spet closer
by myself
given up
Given up :) 30 seconds screaming! Wow
given up! XD de unaa XD
Wish :D
For me is in A Place for My head and One Step Closer... but the other ones is so amazing too.
4 me "Crawling" , "By Myself" , "Faint" , "Lying From You" , "Blackout"
That's easy.

Definitely Given Up!
Who else on earth, except Chester, is able to do that 18 second scream, even live?
(And don't forget, he has to sing a whole concert after it xD)
Defiantly given up! I fucking ♥ that song! Best scream ever Chester!
even all screams are great maybe given up is one step ahead of all screams.those 18 seconds of dream...only chester can do it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPgwY11jzK8

wow...good question XD umm in given up is the best and the longest !!!! XD but I love him scream XDDD
he have an awesome voice ^^


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