What is the best scream chester done in lp song from all albums or lives?

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given up! (Y) and.. from the inside.. :)
GIVEN UP!!! 18 second... great...
17 seconds

Elias Albacete said:
Given up :) 30 seconds screaming! Wow
any time chester screams its really effing awesome. i cant choose. seems like people here say given up but then again when he does songs live he adds in a long scream.....
blackout in the ATS... really cool
i love chester to scream better than he sings slow... he looks sexy when screaming :3

from the inside


BY MYSELF! totally awsome!!!
Given up !! xD
blackout of course but actually all of chazzy screams just awesome :) he's the best rock singer ever....
I love this voice in  A Place For My Head From Live in Texas (it still gives me goosebumps), but in an album verison I would have to say all of them...
watevr song chester screams in he makes it awsum



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