What is the best scream chester done in lp song from all albums or lives?

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Lying from you or With You! :D chills everytime!!

i agree!! so hard to choose just one!! he's just such an awesome artist!! i love the new stuff too!!

Florian Popp said:

Cynthia Tejada said:

 all of the above!


one step closer!

given up!


a place for my head.. weeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. so much love him screaming ^^

I guess Given up is the best song with Chester's Bennington scream but in a live show I'm sure that is Faint live in Rock am ring 07 at outro is better than other scream that Chester have done before... I guess

Yeah Faint was really a great loud one but I really like One step closer
the best scream that Chester has ever done was in Given Up , definitly :D
Given up, With You, Bleed It Out, Lying From you
The Blackout scream was totally awesome! Plus the No  More Sorrow scream when he screams--DONE!---although it was not a long one. :P
One Step Closer, Faint & Given Up (and if you include 'Dead By Sunrise': Crawl Back In - "sometimes I just wanna DIE!")

Given Up hands down!  So extreme!

Blackout, A Place for My Head and definitely Given Up! :p Chester is amazing.
Given Up!!!Yeaah! Best performance!:D and Wish) yee
For me its "A Place for My Head" "Given Up" and "Blackout".



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