is their and songs anyone would recomend

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omg....i really can't say which one is my favourite...I mean they're all just awesome!!! I love to listen to every song....but I really love In The End,In Between, The Catalyst, No More Sorrow, Faint, Wretches&Kings,Burning In The Skies and more....haha just all <3
like seriously there are too many of them to pick jus 1 fav, sad, ok closing my eyes randomly selecting a song and out comes....hands held high, tht is an awesome song
FROM THE INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from the inside is freaking awesome tooo

Eliana Gissel Roo Oliva said:
FROM THE INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's really difficult question to answer... The choice is hard to made... But if I need to choose - well then: Don't Stay, Lying From You and In the end :)) But in matter of fact I LOVE THEM ALL !!!
no es porque sea mi banda favorita, pero puedo decir que todas son geniales, no hay ni una q me aburra !
for me it's a very difficult question)
because I love listening to all the songs LP
sometimes there are moments when I listen to any particular song ... but .. I don't know
For example now my favorite song is "Wretches and kings"
Umm i would have to say the song "by myself" that really speaks out the lyrics just really catch my soul
Numb, In the End and Runaway...special lyrics! ...from ATS my favorite is Iridescent..But I love all!!!
All their songs are great, but Id have to say In The End is one of my favorites
My favourite song is In the End. I just really love the song and hearing it live makes it that much better!!
Used to be tied between In The End and Numb...Now it's When They Come For Me. :)


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