is their and songs anyone would recomend

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I LOVE ALL LP SONGS!!!! New Divide, The Catalyst and Breaking The Habit are my fav
From ATS when they come for me - but overall definately Faint - my life in lyrics
Probably Hands Held High, Hit the Floor, What I've Done, and Papercut are mine.... Iridescent from their latest album was really good too. It was probably one of the few songs where Mike got to actually sing lead vocals :)
mine is breakin the habit and waiting for the end!!!!!!
nobody listening ang wreatches and king !!
I love a plce for my head
Linkin Park Has Alot Of Realy Amazing Kick A** Songs They Are So Amazing I Would Honestly Recomend Every Single One Of There Albums To You! Here Are Some Of My Personal Favs: Blackout, Bleed it Out, Breaking the Habit, Burning in the sky, By myself, Crawling, Don't Stay, Easier To Run, Enth E nd (Reanimation Album), Faint, Figure09, Hands Held High, High Voltage, In Between, Iridescent, Leave Out All The Rest, Lying From You, My December, New Divide, No More Sorrow, Nobodys Listening, Numb, One Step Closer, Somewhere I Belong, The Catalyst, The Little Things give you away, The Messenger, The Radiance, Waiting for the end, what ive done, wisdom justice and love, with you, x-ecutioner style..... The list gose on forever
She Couldn't and In the End!!!!
In The End.............
In The End.............

Love all LP's songs, but WITH YOU is song for my soul, n I love it a bit more than another songs....

mine is "Somewhere I Belong". 

but i love all songs =3



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