I've always been wondering if Linkin Park fans have a favorite song or an album.. because there are some people who say all LP songs sound the same but it's really not true. Especially now, after MTM and ATS. Personally, I can't pick a favorite song, because all of them are very close to me. I think most of your responses will be similar :) 
However, I'm curious, let me know what you think :)


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Hm, it is hard to say, but I really love "Blackout". That is a masterpiece, along with "Iridescent". I also love "Easier to Run", a long-time favourite of mine.

If I had to pick an album outright, it would be a toss up between Meteora and A Thousand Suns. I love both of them, and would be lost without them!
I like all linkin park songs but i have 3 favourites which are in the end,numb and leave out all the rest and the reason why is because some of the words in the songs describes how i have felt in the past but all linkin park songs are great.
I would have to say that hybrid theory and a thousand suns are my favourite albums.
mine favourite song from lp is numb and I dont know why.sometimes I am asking my self why I am listening lp then I turn on numb and suddenly I realised.lp is great because they are not as other bands.lp best album is probably meteora but ats is in the same range as meteora.even on ats is a new sound there is always older lp you can feel in chaz and mike singing/rapping.lp is not making songs with their brain because they are making songs with hearts and feelings.
@Linkin Kid: :)
numb..cuz its the first song i heard from them and that song is a reason why i started listening to them...also i love burning in the skies and waiting for the end..
actually,i love all their songs :-)))
numb, place for my head, figure .09, and no more sorrow. and of course burning in the skies :)
I loke so mutch Lying from you because it's so amazing. The Mike's rap is wonderful and this music describes about some things I think and about so many things else... But ALL SONGS ARE VERY VERY AMAZING AND I LIVE THEY!!
I am going to have to say "Iridescent" Why? Because the lyrics give me chills sometimes and I just can't explain how much I love this song. My favorite part of the song is where the whole band sings. That part just gets me and reminds me how much I love Linkin Park. A Thousand Suns is most definitely my favorite album from them. The whole album is just a masterpiece to me and I don't care what other people think of it (just the negative opinions). I am just going to add that I love every song and every other album, and it's really hard to choose a favorite song or album because Linkin Park is my favorite band.

P.S: I can't wait until the US tour!
Mine is definitely 'The Little Things Give You Away'. (Wouldn't have guessed that, huh? xD)

It's atmosphere is so calm, sad and somehow mystical... I love that steady increasing tension towards the end of the song.
And the last part... It's like the sunrise after a cold and desperate night. A real masterpiece. And everytime I hear it, I can't get the chorus out of my head for hours! I also love the demo-version, maybe because of the piano-part, that can't be heard very well in the original version... Too bad, but that's why the demo-version exists! xD

I first heard it when I was at my friends house and she played MTM. The same night at home, I searched it on Youtube and looked out of the window into the sky. It was dark and just the light of the moon fell into my room... That was something really magical...

It just sends chills down my spine everytime I hear it, and it's my favourite song for over a year now! ^__^

I can't really tell which is my favourite album, but I guess, if I had to choose, it would be Minutes to Midnight, because it combines the old and the new style of LP. And I could neither live without the 'old' Rap-Rock-Thing nor the softer ballads and the undefinable, but at least as great style of A Thousand Suns.
I love all Lp stuff i'd say my favorite album is minutes to midnight. I can relate to most of what they sing about my 2 favorite songs would have to be numb and given up because i feel like those songs were written about me and the way chester sings given has so emotion i can almost feel his pain.
Thank you guys for your great replies! :) I can't wait to read more!
May the LP be with you all! Haha :D
Somewhere I belong was my introduction to the guys but Easier to Run is my all-time favorite.



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