I've always been wondering if Linkin Park fans have a favorite song or an album.. because there are some people who say all LP songs sound the same but it's really not true. Especially now, after MTM and ATS. Personally, I can't pick a favorite song, because all of them are very close to me. I think most of your responses will be similar :) 
However, I'm curious, let me know what you think :)


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i loved...

1. High Voltage

2. My December

3. Papercut

4. Easier To Run

5. Iridescent

6. Blackout


actually.... i loved High Voltage off all.... awesome ^^v


numb iz the best by far. i agree with linkin kid, when i hear that song i realize wat i was born for. to be a linkin park fan lol.also hybrid theory iz the best album. linkin park puts guitar drums raps scremo and bass all together in the most amazing way ever. it iz magic. hears my top five fave bands

1) linkin park

2)linkin park

3)linkin park

4)linkin park


I have three favorite LP songs, First, In the End, I love this one because it describes my past perfectly, I've always tried to be the perfect boyfriend but I always end up getting hurt in the end. Second, From The Inside, This one also talks about my past, and my trust issues, in the song, Chester talks about never trusting someone again, and thats exactly what I feel, I have major trust issues, Last but not least, Iridescent, this one touched me completely the first time I heard it. This song connects to my life because in the song, they talk about leeting go of your past and starting over, and that's what I have done the past few months, so thank you LP. I love everyone o their songs and i can play EVERY single one on the guitar, and I have all the albums. As far as favorite albums go I would have to go with Meteora because I can relate to every song in the album :) I love what LP has done with A thousand Suns, love the new style of music and I just cant get enough of it :)

Keep rocking LP I'm deffinately your #1 fan :) :)



Wow. Impossible question to answer - I wrote down Hands Held High to the profile question because I love that song and because I'm always accused of replacing favourites with new wonders, so I'm trying to hold myself back and give A Thousand Suns - a thousand listens before I let myself change but seriously I am IN LOVE with Catalyst it's just magnificent and the music video is perfect.
Soo hard to chose just one. Papercut was my "first favorite" so guess I have to go with that :)

When they come for me =)

Because it's the best motherfucking song! No band! Nothing, can ever beat it! The beat is awesome I love the drums! Mike is sick in it! I so love his rapping , and then you can hear chester's skills too and I just love to sing along!


Favourite album has to be meteora :D I love every album though, the one that's not as good as the others is MTM, because, I don't know, feels like chester and mike are fighting for they don't collaborate in the songs as much :( Meteora, I love it because when I first listened to it I somehow linked it to nine inch nails, and I fucking love them! It doesn't sound like nin though, I'm not saying that it's the same. Linkin park has it's own genre, it's just some sounds that sounded familiar with nin that made me get attached to it :D

My favourite songs always will be With You and In The End, because they were the first tracks of LP I listened to))  songs, which I distinguish from the others - it will be correct to say.And for me all the songs are very valuable and i can't truly call any song as "favorite".

What a difficult question... Well, let me list the first few that cross my mind;

-In the End



-Leave Out all the Rest

-The Little Things Give You Away

-Valentine's Day

-What I've Done

-New Divide

-When They Come For Me

-Waiting For the End


-The Messenger


Yeah, I can't narrow it down.

IT"S so hard to answer but,Waiting for the end make me feel sleepy
Hands held high!!! It's not just angry it shows intelligence in the people who wrote it, and the lyrics have more meaning (to me) then the lyrics "shut up when I'm talking to you" fOr example, although there good, it's just no the same

All LP's songs are great, all of them are different, all of them are my favourite, but 3 of them makes me feel different:


What I've Done: 'cause I think the video/song shows how the world is so fucked up.

Numb: 'cause, well I have my own interpretation of the lyrics according to what I feel/live, the lyrics fit very well that situation.

And No Roads Left: 'cause, you know, Mike does AMAZING at singing.


And of albums, all albums are great, but I listen to Hybrid Theory more often , then ATS.

new divide because it was the first song that made me a big fan of linkin and it has a very good piano version.but apfmh its fucking awesome too



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