I've always been wondering if Linkin Park fans have a favorite song or an album.. because there are some people who say all LP songs sound the same but it's really not true. Especially now, after MTM and ATS. Personally, I can't pick a favorite song, because all of them are very close to me. I think most of your responses will be similar :) 
However, I'm curious, let me know what you think :)


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People won't believe.. but relly I ADORE ALL !!! They make me feel with happiness and sadness sometimes :D ..I can't really pick.. but all i can say i know them since 1998 but what made me 'have to be a fan' What I've Done from listening to it on the radio ..and then it was We Made It.. i loved that featuring then i became crazy .. but still i can't pick one :)

With such great songs it kinda hard to choose just one. Therefore I have several. Thank You LP for making it so hard to choose a favorite. 

Luv you guys

LP 4 Life

My favourite songs are:

Given Up -  because I loe listening this song, when im rage xD

Carousel  (DEMO) - I love the old style... better then the new style :/

In the End - Classical song :D

Breaking the Habbit - I listening to this song, when im sad :)

The little things give you away - Because this is the first song, wich i can play on guitar ^^

Bleed it out - When im happy :D

and the

Forgotten - because i love the guitar :D  (Brad....that was your masterpiece) :D

for me, this is actually an easy question, i've followed Linkin Park since the underground days, since even before chester was with Linkin Park and he was in Grey Daze and Stephen Richards from taproot was with the band and out of EVERY Linkin Park song... for as long as I've followed everything and even been to concerts... I have to say Papercut has been, is and always will be my favorite Linkin Park song, and i remember there was a time where it was chester's favorite also (not sure about anymore though) but Papercut is my favorite because of the energy it brought, the lyrics hit home and the harmony's at the end were amazing especially for their debut CD, That song was the opening to a CD that told me right off the bat that this was a band that was gonna go beyond the top with what they do and they're gonna be the creation of something bigger than we already think we know. So at that rate... my all time favorite CD would definitely be Hybrid Theory
I've got 3 favourites. The song i heard  first and fell in love with instantly; What I've Done. The one that speaks to me the most; In Pieces. And at last Bleed it Out, cause it kicks ass! :D<3
Since everyone else is mentioning their "introduction" songs to LP, I'll do the same---my intro was Numb, In The End & Somewhere I Belong. & my favorites are Somewhere I Belong & Breaking The Habit. When I listen to these songs, it just makes me wanna keep on listening to them.

Its hard to say but I love the song bleed it out. but all the other song are also very very good :p

and my favorite album is minutes to midnight ;)

I have 4 favourite songs... I love waiting for the end for Chester and Mike's voices, I love Breaking the habit for the lyrics (amazing), New Divide because I LOVE TRANSFORMERS!! And I love Iridescent for the Video :D

always for numb.............!!!!!!!


love In Pieces cause of Brads amazing solo!

Wretches and Kings just changed my style of music .. I wasn´t really into loud music before

and I love A place for my head cause I think the way Chester sings the part "A place for my heeeeeaaaaad"

is just beautiful and also the part "Go away" was amazing on the conzert!


I Really like these ones by lp c: ;


in the end

robot boy

breaking the habbit 

black out

easier to run

across the line

with you

no more sorrow


the little things give you away


c: those are like my top 12 



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