On youtube i watch videos almost all day on my holidays all of lp alot of people say that a thousand suns sucks but WHY huh??? they are getting mature  and everyone changes with time no one and nothing stays still.

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a lot of people there on youtube are trolls you know, and those kinds of people are the ones that 'suck'. If you read all the comments there, you'd get a headache. A thousand suns does not suck, but taste differs from person to person - if one person does not like this type of diversity in sound and style, they'd get confused and not get it and that is why they say it sucks because they have no other words to describe their confusion. Some of them just likes to hate on the record, still some of them are just plain narrow -minded people who only wants to hear metal sounds: lots of electric guitars and loud music plus screaming and these guys are not open to music that is more relaxed - they are use to music that linkin park use to make before they changed to the style ATS used.


So in the end, its not the music that sucks - the album is actually very artistic and I think there are a lot of open-minded people who support it. Sure, there are those that hate it, well you can't please everybody, but trust me - a lot of people love it.

I also read a lot of things about ATS that are not good...


I have to say, that I understand the people a bit, because they aren't used to the new style of LP...but they don't see how great the new album is...ATS is phenomal..a Masterpiece.*-*


But they just want to hear the old stuff...but I think every artist has to change in the years...make something new, something different. Some groups or singers didn't do it well but LP did!! Their new stuff is as awesome as the old stuff.:D


But when people say that the new stuff is shit, then why can't they say that one time and then shut up!? I'm really fed up with people sayin: "I hate the new album, its so slow and the sound sucks". I really hate that people...-.-


But okay, let the people say what they want. I think we, the fans who like or love ATS know, that LP is just awesome, no matter what music they do:)


Thats my opinion:)



People arent real fans, and they suck ass. LP music is awesome everytime, its just that the sound may vary, which is cool. Like nobody wants to hear the same sound again n again. its good their evolving. People can kiss LP and all of their true fans sweet fuckin ass
I have too hear that every day! And the worst that says to itself fan? All right Linkin Park made a big change, yes and then? I say that's very very cool! It is great to change, that makes us a surprise in every albums! Poor LP before we said to them that it was always the same thing, now they change and we always offend them!! I I like all their albums without exception! Thousand suns is really an exceptional and great different album I find it really brilliant and those whom they say that it is some shit, we call not that one FANS of Linkin Park but just a man who likes " a bit of their music ". Linkin Park are the best band forever, in every clip, every album, every music, I am REALLY fan of them ! All right that someone cannot like some musics it's possible! But for say that Thousand suns it's shit And says himself fan ,really it's fuck up !! Linkin Park forever we the real fans will always loves your musics!

simra riaz said:

Thank you so much for the support  by the way I'm 10 years old and I'm a new member of linkinpark.com please acccept my friend request... and in my information my age is not 10 because they don't accept that age its too small....


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oh shame,dts sad....so sry                                                                    lll          lll

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I don't care.......... the way i am i will stay like that i will not change or close my account just because of you and others. AND I AM FEELING SORRY FOR YOU TOO BECAUSE U HAVE NO OTHER WORK EXCEPT INSULTING OTHERS... :(  I LIKE THEM AND LOVE THEM I WILL STILL LOVE AND LIKE THEM AS MUCH AS NOW I DID.You don't have to take tension about others....if this all disturb you then SORRY.
Because they're trolls that have nothing better to do with their lives. They just waste their energy to bitch nonstop on LP videos. Ignore them, and you'll be fine. I've gotten tired of ranting, so ignoring them works best:)
How Chester says...: "fuck off then!!"

If some self-centered morons and idiots don't like ATS because their little brains can't understand and comprehend it  and can't see the greatness of ATS that surely, positively doesn't mean that all humans are stupid like them and can't  tell apart Quality which represents Linkin Park from Crap ....:) ty
Because people react differently when there’s a sudden change. Some will unlike the new style, some will love it and some will be indifferent. You cannot please everybody all the time.
In 2000, I remember in interviews they said that they wanted to develop the new style of music called Nu-metal, and get it more popular. So they made two CD’s with the exact same song structure (Hybrid Theory and Meteora) and they sold millions of copies. Then they made Minutes to midnight, which is quite different than the two previous ones. And now they come out with A thousand suns, which is the total opposite of Hybrid Theory. The group likes to be outside of the herd, and always brings something new. Yes, they lost fans, but they brought some new ones.
Many people expect the artist to stay the same, but what they don’t realize is that if the artist brings the same kind of music all the time, the listeners will get bored. Because it wouldn’t be as original and breath taking as the first songs.
And how they saw Linkin Park, was as big metal-screaming guys, and now with this morphing to more calm ( but still mind blowing) and melodious music, people are shocked and start to “panic” and dislike all the changes. Some will calm down, and agree with it. Some will not.
Example: As a daily routine, you’re used to drink coffee every day, but one day you don’t have any more coffee. Some people will have headaches some will not.
Sorry about the bump, I know this is an old thread but I want you to get the other side of the story. I didn't like it, because most of the album was just random yelling. Guys, don't love this album trying to be "true LP fans" or something. In my book, true fans are with a band before and after they get big, with the exception being if the band sold out. This album was very strange and left many Linkin Park fans were left feeling betrayed. We aren't trolls who have no life, we want Linkin Park to get the message that we liked your old stuff. It is better to complain to induce change, than be silent and accept mediocrity. If you actually liked this album, good for you. Personally I was extremely dissapointed with this album. This review sums it up perfectly. http://www.absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=1908852

A thousand suns is an wonderful Album

I love it. If People actually SIT and listen to it then they might understand what they are singing about its not about beat,way it sounds or how cool it is it all about their Ideas and whats going on now days its more like politics

Its an intresting album with all new creavite ideas from each memeber. But like they said they wanted to try new sounds and instruments Anything they can get their hands on.

Like Baby toys for example or animal sounds Such as In Empty spaces they have crickets. thats creativity right there from Brad D.



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