to me , i think he is the best rapper n he is so nice

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Why I like Mike?
First, he's a talented musician. He assembled an excellent group that became known throughout the world. And each member doesnt restrict yourself to one instrument. Second, he's a talented artist. I really like his style. He is a modern and unusual. I graduated from art school, so the art is interesting to me. Third, he has a wonderful family. It seems to me that the hard life of a musician hard to keep in touch with the family. This is so sad :( In the fourth, Mike liaises with the fans. Not all the celebrities create Web sites to communicate. The important thing is that we can communicate not only with LPU, but with twitter, facebook, or the official site:)
He's awesome, yeah!
wow. where to begin! i have looked up to linkin park ever since i first heard them when i was younger. chester and mike are so amazing, and honestly, the music that is created and written by them has got me through so much :) its like everything they write is so full of depth, and its like they truly understand the complex things that go through our minds ^_^

the main reason why i love mike so much tbh, is because, as ive said a million times over, his lyrics, his work and everything about him is so original and amazing! there's not another famous rapper/writer like him <3
Mike is the most special, talented and nicest guy ever. "He doesn't need his name up in lights"
what's not to love?
We love he because he's amazing ando so cute too!
He is so kind to invite us and be our frind here.
Her rap is perfect and really tell about all that happens in the world
And,centainly, because he is handsome and her voice is sweet and lovely *-*

Mike is my life ♥
omg...there are so many things why I love Mike...he is just so talented and very creativ!! he can do everything! sing, play instruments, draw and sooo many things more!
love his voice and his whole looking..he is sooo handsome!!<3

and of course very funny:)

all in all he is just perfect...<3 but maybe he also have some mistakes..I don't knowxD

but all I know is, that I really love him! and I hope to meet him someday!:)<3
He's very talented, and intelligent enough to realize that the same old sounds won't appeal to a fan base for very long. The evolution of LP is something I give him credit for, but what do I know?

i love him cause he call's us bastard'

we love Mike Shinoda because HE IS MIKE SHINODA and at the same time HE IS FORT MINOR!!! xD....we love you mike!

It's because he has values and norms, he's conscious of what's going around the world. He doesn't degrade God. He is a born talent but he hates to be a snob and showing off. He respects people's beliefs and he never gets spoiled with money and fame. We never saw a dirty picture of him, partying with women. He never went drunk and made ridiculous actions, he knows where to stop, he can control himself. Those are the only reasons I love him. And some other physical features of course, and you all know it :) 


My biggest wish is NOT to meet him only. I want to know what he inspires him, how he wrote those lyrics, his life mainly..I wish he read this, and saw that there's someone who just doesn't die for his cuteness and voice :)


I want to recommend Mike a book. I hope I can tell him that book and he will read it.

He is so smart everything! plays piano, guitar...he's an artist...what else??..he's AMAZING!

mike's da best rock rapper!!!!!!!...............u guys may nt agree wid me but in the end u will agree to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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