to me , i think he is the best rapper n he is so nice

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Am soooo agree with you, because it's true!

Souvik Maity said:
mike's da best rock rapper!!!!!!!...............u guys may nt agree wid me but in the end u will agree to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In my case it's not "I love him" it's 'just' I really like him very much...because he's something I can't describe in words [maybe I could explain in my native language but that's pretty hard, too]...
mike is the best...................
lol^^ that's awesome:D

Crystal said:

i love him cause he call's us bastard'

Mike is the most talented and creative man, he's awesome.  (。-`ω´-)

I love his attitude towards music and life.

He's a very nice guy, he treats fans nice.

and, he's very cute 。◕‿◕。

...i love mike he find times to chat with us
i like him more as a rapper !!

Because he's damn talented he knows how to play harmonium,keyboard or piano,rapping,painting art works or whatever and singing  what else you want from a person huh ??? HE'S A PERFECT GUY <3

Mike I loooove  him he is toooooo sexy yummy! so what do u mean because he is HOT n VERY TALENTED hahaha
Mike is amazing, that's why i love him so much. He has everything. He is singing and rapping awesome.He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and good looking, he is a great musician and is a member of  LP, what else. He is just perfect.
ummmmm.......why NOT to luv him??? xD well i luv mike coz...coz he is just mike :D♥♥
Because Mike is perfection. He is one of the most talented musicians that have ever lived. He can do so much, everything he creates is so epic and absolutely genius. His voice matched with his creativity and personality is priceless, cannot be topped, or even matched by anyone or anything else.


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