Although this may make no sense
I warn you now, it does.

Every single line written
Beyond this point forgiven
Has a real deep meaning
Within me...

Roses wither away
While angels bloom this way
It all comes back in May
When you fall back beside me...

A strange line is drawn
All stupid things begone!
Just write yourself in me
My heart aches for your touch...

And I'm caught now..
Caught in the mist.

Your heart says things to me
Things I can't understand
And I become confused again
Roses wither away...

Your eyes draw wings in mine
That deep sky blue becomes my life
And I just want to hold your hand
Angels bloom this way...

Your hands come forth and then fall back
Are you confused, are you alright?
I find my hopes and just smile wide
It all comes back in May...

Birds around me sing the song
That you and me would never hide
And all I want is you to sing
When you fall back beside me.

And I'm caught...
Caught in the mist of your love.
But it seems to me, darling...
I don't want to find my way out.

By: Marjorie Acosta

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it a very good poem and i like it
This was very good I loved it . I can't wait for your next one.
Yo!.............Rocking it is
I loved it xD ... A true sense of being in love.
Thanx Guys! :D Might be posting another one soon enough ^^



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