I despise you

I hate you

You left me hurt and broken

You left my heart in pieces and yet...



I wonder what may have been

But then I remember

how u used to prioritize everything except me..


Remember how u wanted me

to follow along ur dreams,

but u wouldn't listen to mine

I remember..


And I realize now..

That even though I might miss you like hell

I'm better off this way.


Just the way things used to be

That perfect synchronized way of saying 'I Love You'...

I miss that.

The way things seemed to work out just fine between us...

I miss that.

The way you looked at me and smiled...

I miss that too.

But the way you forgot those essential things

and shrugged like you didn't care...

THAT I don't miss.


Why does it feel like

no matter what I still want you here?

Despite all the reasons,

my heart sees a beacon of light...


But oh! No.

I do not want to be left

in that position yet again,

where I feel loved...

Yet not enough.


Should I just give in?

And here you are...

Confusing me again.

Do you take pride in my heart beating for you?


Sometimes I feel that life

will not be the same without you...

But I am more than willing to take that risk,

or.. Am I?

I do not want to be admired or praised,

I want to be taken care of.

I want to feel like you're there,

all the time...

Never to be left alone at all.

Are you up to it?


Yet I know,

we ALL know,

I will never suffice for you.

So, why should I die for you?


I despise you. I hate you.

And you know why?

I guess it's just that I...

I hate the fact that I Love You.

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