Okay, this is just going to be a collection of my poems, starting with this one:

I can sit


and watch days go by

watch the people go by

who spend their days

in others’ company

pretending they are something else

and thinking they are going far

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This one is called Don't Give Me That Look!

Just because I killed him
And kidnapped his daughter
And tied his wife up
And made her tell me all of his secrets

Just because I burned his house down
And shot his dog
And slashed his tires
And stole his identity

Doesn’t mean I’m a bad person
deep down, I am sorry
and I want to take it all back.
Why must you have it all?
All for one, none for me
And when you're alone
Trying to remember why
Just think of this
And die in shame
The sunlight found me
Still warm
In the basement
Blood pooled on the uneven floor
The knife still teetering from it's fall
The man already long gone
The blood still fresh on his hands
We watched the clouds, prancing and puffy
Your arm casually tossed aside
Like it didn't matter, one way or another

But it did to me.

Because you lied, you told me it was nothing
That you didn't actually love her, she was just a friend
Between the screaming accusations and furious defense
What We Used To Be
was swallowed up
by What We Actually Are

The happiness faded

like the dye in an old shirt

Never to return

But there may have been a single instant,

Under the happy clouds,

When we forgot Ourselves

And fell back into happiness.
You lost me

But not in a bad way

I am lost in you now
You're deep voice
You're gentle eyes

You're strong, protective hands

I have been lost for a long time
but it is fine;

I am fine.

I am content to wander
through the lands that you create


and laughing

secretly hoping I stay lost forever.
I like why must you have it all? its good. keep it up.
And I am lost it's awesome
Thanks. :)

PurpleRose696 said:
I like why must you have it all? its good. keep it up.
And I am lost it's awesome
They laugh at her

and she takes it
without cracking

or breaking

she just takes it
and ignores them

or maybe
she doesn't hear them
doesn't hear their derisive snickering
or the nasty things they say

doesn't see their taunting glances
their barbed smiles


she is like the tree
pounded by relentless winds
picked apart by skittering
snickering bugs
little pieces devoured by scavengers

but she takes it
and stands tall
against the black sky

they laugh at her

she knows it
Loneliness is a funny thing
it can be calming
an oasis in this rushing, hasty world
or it can be terrifying
absolute solitude
of the body and mind
but the worst kind
is a lonely soul
wandering, unheeded and unknown
in a peril-filled world
awsome i guess its incomplete is it??

rasaj maharjan said:
awsome i guess its incomplete is it??

No. What you see is what you get, unless I note otherwise.

Another day, another change

still searching for something

to make sense of it all




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