Okay, this is just going to be a collection of my poems, starting with this one:

I can sit


and watch days go by

watch the people go by

who spend their days

in others’ company

pretending they are something else

and thinking they are going far

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We have built this society

which values profit over people

which destroys what it touches to build

artificial things,

taking from life without giving back

but perhaps the greatest offense

is the walls it has built between us

and them

When I told you I didn't care

I looked away  and lied

and what they say still stings

and their praise uplifts

even though

they are not my friends

There’s me

And there’s me

And there’s everything about me

And it’s all here, I can tell you everything

The hopes, the obsessions, the disappointments, the relief

The awkwardness, the longing, the belonging

The fear of failure and the uncertainty

And there’s a whole world out there

And I try to touch it

I reach out

                                Am I almost there? Did I fall short?

And withdraw again

Into me

Not sure if I did what I meant

Said what I meant

Kept all my promises

                                That world is still out there

                                So vast, so immense, so beyond

What I can imagine

I can’t see for all the things in the way

Should I try again? Have I gone too far?

                                But I need this first

                                And I musn't forget that

Was it ever there?

Is the world still there?

I can’t tell

But I’m here




Does anyone care?



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