I DON'T need you 
to TELL me what to DO 

I've done this before
you think I need you
I can do this on my OWN 

Don't tell me to do this
when you don't do it
you can correct me
but you can't correct YOU 
I listened to you 
but do you listen to me.

I've done this before
I think YOU need ME
you can't do this on your OWN 

You think you don't need
to hear what you need to...

Say It (Redone) July 30, 2010

We've all got that side/ We hate so much
Whether it's against us, or inside us.
We can't stand it
It grows on us,
We grow on it.
It becomes us,
We become it.

You don't have to say it!
I know what i've become
I hate it so much
What have I dont!
I don't need you to tell me what to do, as if you have done it before!
I don't need you telling me what to do!
I've done this before.
So I can do it on my own!

Telling me what to do
I've listened to you
You corrected me, but you can't correct you
I've listened to you, but do you listen to me?!
Listen to Me!

It flows through us.
All that we hate/ Which we have become
What have I become?/It consumes us.
We need it/ We want more!
It's consumed us!

I've done this before/It need me!
It slowly consumes us/ We do nothing.
You corrected me/ But you can't correct you!
We have become all we hate.
It needed us/ Now we need it!
If we can't correct what we hate in ourselves,
We can't correct what is right in others.

What have I become?!

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is it adressed to the parents or teachers??
I was at a sad part of my life and I wrote this about the girl I then liked who kept trying to tell me what to do. So neither but thanks for reading. =)

Samantha said:
is it adressed to the parents or teachers??
wow.... its been awesome... i can understand u becoz a boy did it to me... =))
Yea, it sucks. I learned that the hard way, and you probably did too. Time heals and God helped me. But that's the past, and now I can't write cause I'm happy =D



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