THE CHILD-MAN, ( about a girl's love that is wasted away by a boy)

You always laughed like a child

It was such a cute thing that i can die for

You often talked by flying out from the cheer

It was so hearty that i can cry for

Wish you could understand how i felt

When you take away everything as you were going

I’d like to tell but you’re gone away


Sorry i’ve not changed yet

And my soul is stil in my body

This is stil me keeping the pride

Stil me not crawling from the pain even if it hurts


I saw you watch the clouds when it’s raining like this

You were so happy , happy like a child

And a man looking like a child

But anyway you’re gone somewhere unknown

But i can’t go anywhere my child-man visits


I’m sorry if i keep annoyin you with these boring questions

Don’t be mad at me, i’m wondering if you’re the same

Or not

Want you to know, i remember us wander the whole city

Under the rain, before you’d gone away


Just curious about you, about all you need

All you need was me before you’d gone away

Like i told, it’s stil me keeping the curiosity about someone

Even if someone who is wondered kills me everyday

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