I break the rules,maybe…

But my screams are not according to absence

I really feel badly

Everything is fake and painful

Lies are beter

So i prefer lies, because

Truths  mix me with real-life

“Real” fries all of me

All of my soul and my body!

Death is easy and easy

Life is harder

Above all if you are behind both of them

What are tannings for?

Why noone doesn’t help?

What happened to me?

Why everything got painted to mixed of black and red



My soul is stil in my body

I try to live with using that

But it doesn’t work

All these cries

It means nothing to me

White people help everybody, but out of me

I suffer , i’m willing to die,

that’s crazy!

Noone helps me

What’s happening to me?

What’s my difference from others?

Why noone can see me here, burning in something

No! No way! I can’t be burning down

I can’t be disappearing

Is dying such a hard way?

Dying is a different pain



Everybody had lied to me

Coming into the presence is ‘nothing’!

I can’t remember anything


Is a bomb reason of my pain?

Or is a human reason of it?

Is it a human like me?

What’s happening to me?



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nice i like this it hard to follow a little but still it good



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