Tell me yr story!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why r u here now? Why are you the pic that shows wen you look up random in the dictionary? IF YOUR BRAVE ENOUGH, YOU WILL ANSWER!!!!!!! P.S. beware the giant noodle ppl... they are really sneaky... one came 2 my house and said he was selling girl scout cookies but i looked under that cowboy costume and knew he was lying!!!!

this is their leader!!!!!!!!! BEWARE THE BLUE WEENIE!!!!!!!!


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ROFL ok, i'll try and stay away from the giant noodle people XD
I dunno why i'm here... i suppose its just.... because..... I'M RANDOM (and proud!!!)
btw i dunno if you've seen this video, but i thought it was funny...
Check it out and let me know what you think =D
I come from a F##ked up town with killing drugs and shootouts.
The place is called KERENS!
Everyday there feels like doomsday!
I'M 15 years old I like to rock out to nu-metal,pop-rock,industrial-metal
and many other kinds of rock music.My favorite to rock bands are POWER-MAN 5000 and



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