2. Report them (Make sure you are on their profile page when you report, it'll make it easier for us staff to know who did it) [Also, it'll make dealing with them go alot faster if you send the URL of your screen shots with the report]
  3. Do not spam yourself, even if you are trying to get them to stop
  4. BE PATIENT! We can not be on 24/7.  Trust that we will deal with them.

I know the onslaught of spammers is very frustrating and annoying, however just try to keep calm and trust that we are doing everything we can to deal with them. We may not be able to deal with them that day, but we will deal with them.


Typically, for the average spammer, this is what we do [we have our own guidelines that we have to follow to fairly enforce the rules]

  1. Warn them not to spam
  2. Warn them a second time not to spam
  3. Kick them from chat [this only can happen though if we are in the chat room at the time of the spamming]
  4. Repeat steps 1-3
  5. once kicked from chat a second time, we will then also ban from the site

If it's an excessive spammer, then we may skip steps 1 & 2 and go straight to 3

If uber bad spammer (ie: Cookie Monster): go straight to step 5 [instant chat & site ban]


I know this seems like too much and you all want us to just go straight to step 5, however, we can not. I'm sorry. I am telling you guys how we typically deal with this so you know what is going on behind the scenes. (*Awaits email asking me to rephrase this discussion :P*)


[Note: Comments are welcome for this, however, please be respectful toward ALL MEMBERS of the LP.com community.  If this gets out of hand and people are not being respectful, we will close this discussion, and possibly the group as well; so please, vent your frustration in a respectful manner.  You can do this without flaming the spammers/staff (for seemingly lack of action)]

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