Based on my personal experience and the fact that Mike is the only person who in no way responded to my speech, I'm afraid he has stopped reading e-mails from fans.
So far, every person to whom I wrote an email (in one way or another) be responded to its content.
I understand that someone called me nasty b***, but no response to
emails, who as I have such a lot of experience and almost 100%
efficiency in a positive irritanting (for forcing the reflection), only proves that he do not read our emails!
However, I assume that I could be wrong and that is why I ask you a question.
Do you have any evidence that Mike read your emails?

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I wtote him many times, and didn`t have answer, but i hope, than he at least read them. Maybe, he got 1000 messages everyday. An now, LP in very big tour, i don`t think, than anyone from band realy CAN read all of messages, they got.
But Mike- is only from band, who really active in I mean LP Blog and all... But fact, than Mike didn`t answer is sad for me. T_T. I`m interested, whats Mike will think, if he read this discussion? Ah?
Mike accepted my friend request but didn't send a message back,if he does YAY!!if he doesn't i understand,he's busy:) Chester and Mike you guys are awesome!!!:)
they are sooo busy...could u read imagine a man not a computer can read 1000mails every day? its a materialistic question: if he took 3minutes to read every mail and responed it,he will took 50hours actually there are only 24hours a o no man can do this...
Mike do great!! he maybe accept all friend requests,i think:)!!and i think if there are more than 50 hours a day..he will answer we all:)
Well, I don't have any evidence about that but one thing I want to say that I luv Mike frm my heart.So It doesn't matter to me.
To be fair, I have to write that started this thread I wanted Mike to provoke a personal reply, because I think that I'm in his opinion a little irritable person , and even if he read my emailhe did not respond to it because of human perversity.

But the fact that the website of Music for Relief changed after I and Kim put on comments about it in the forum, is proof that someone reads what we fans write.

So be fair, I have to write that more important to me is that anyone is serious about fans opinions than to get a personal response from Mike.

So ending I want to write something optimistic: since I obtained a proof that someone reads my posts, do not worry if your have not respond for your emails.It should realize that to read the emails Mike need less time than the response to each of them, as a busy man he do not have enough time to respond but enough to read them.
I don't really thinks so. just imagine reading a hundred messages everyday at least a fifty. would u even be in a mood to ans?
not really.
thats the reason i don't message him.
i know he won't ans. :)
I think they do read the messages, but don't have enought time to answer them....Mike accepted my request when I started on Lp's page....the same with Chester and Mr. Hahn at least...don't get desperate guys....i think they all appreciate people wgo follow the band....:)


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