Ladies, Gentlemen, Dudes, Chicks, Females, and Males, not to burst your bubble but Mike has looked Great since well ever. He's an awesome dude and no matter how short or long his hair is he looks hot nonetheless. Anyone who has a problem with that can get over themselves, no offense or anything to those who take offense. The rest of LP is great looking too.

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I'm agree with you.
mike is still so lovely:x
Hey I agree......he looks awesome with whatever hair he have
and handsome:)
i TOTALLY agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee MIKE was is and will always be HOT COOL and AWESOME
Mike's Hair always looks great!
no, i'm not obsessed with his hair.
right on dude. you speaketh the truth!
i agree he's the hottest man in the world jajajaja
Mike is sexy through and through, and his hair is just awesome no matter how he has it xD
Lmao, I think it's pretty sad when people flip out when someone personally changes their looks. For God's sake, their human beings! Let them be free to do as they choose like the rest of us because they are no different.
its true.........................
Mike looks good no matter what his hairstyle is..............................



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