We've been waiting. We've been hoping. We were enormously happy to know that you're going to visit Moscow again! And what are we having now? Most of your REAL fans won't be able to get to the concert. Those dudes from radio NRJ at first claimed that everyone would be able to get that "free" ticket. They organized those stupid flash-mobes in Moscow and by now have given out about 200 tickets (although in reality there is about 20.000 of them). They don't care that people from other Russian places won't be able to come to Moscow for that f...n' flash-mobe! Moreover, many people who got those tickets have nothing to do with LP. They immediately started to sell these "free" tickets through the Internet to the REAL FANS, and the price varies from $100 to 500.

We understand that it's not LP whom we have to blame. I'm very sorry for all these complaining posts on your forum (as I've noticed, there are pretty many of them), but we thought that the more we speak about it, the better opportunity we have to be really heard.Because we WANT to see LP :'(

As for me, I've been listening to you for 9 years already. I didn't have an opportunity to be on your first Moscow concert and was hoping to see you in June. But it seems that my hopes will be ruined.

My boyfriend looks like Chester. If I don't get that ticket, I'll have to give him a "RockBand" microphone and make him sing your songs all day long. Although he looks like Chester, he can't sing at all. If you don't want me and all our neighbours to die of bad singing, PLEASE HELP US!!!

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damn! that sucks....btw,how can we help u.... o.O'  ? 
Yeah, we understand that perhaps nothing can be done. The purpose of these complains is that perhaps LP will see them and make some conclusions about future cooperation with such people (I mean radio NRJ staff) because their fans suffer a lot... We'd rather buy the tickets and be sure that we'll be able to get to that concert.
That's it :)
I think that this is not a problem LP and your claim is irrelevant


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