Over the years since the hybrid theory days, Mike shinoda has undergone many different hair styles and colors (including orange and red) all the way up to the present day. I think your fellow LP fans would like to know what style of hair Mike has sported, is your favorite and feel free to discuss this here as well.

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he's still cool with all kinds of hair styles....LOVE IT..

But I got to admit that hairstyle is one of his most awesomemess hairdo evahh!

Jis newest hairstyle that is




This hairstyle makes Mike even cuter than ever. Love this one the best.


At The Past Days He Was Very Raw And Now I Think That He Has Evolved Very Much. Dnt Care About His Hair He Was He Is N Will Be My Inspiration. Rock On Mike!!!! 



Love This Hair Style


damn right!

Kirby Shinoda said:
i don't really care what's on his head but whatever on it, he's still cool and i still love him (he's still cute, right ladies??)

It really doesn't matter what his hair looks like because no matter what he will always have some mad rhymes but, I do want to have his hairstyle he has now i think it's tight. My favorite would be the red spikes like the One Step Closer video.

Mike ur really really awesome...... :-)  ;-)
Red Hairs!!!!

red hairs.... yup nice one.. ;-)



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