Over the years since the hybrid theory days, Mike shinoda has undergone many different hair styles and colors (including orange and red) all the way up to the present day. I think your fellow LP fans would like to know what style of hair Mike has sported, is your favorite and feel free to discuss this here as well.

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now!! yummy <3
I like it when he has hair.

this pic is very nice!! love Everything of Mike style song and his family too.

Christina Phasoulidou said:

I love this hairstyle of Mike too :]x
red spikes were cool...and now too!
red spikes were cool...and now too!

I love mike's hair in The Catalyst!

Lizzz Lin said:



This hairstyle makes Mike even cuter than ever. Love this one the best.


I totally agree!

Mike's hair was amazing in early 2000's in the videos of papercut n crawling Mike luks so damn HOT.............dat hairstyle was cool he used luk so HOT.......n after dat hairstyle i luv his look of 2008 in the vid of Leave out all the rest n We made it (wid Busta Rhymes) dat was the time wen i fell in luv wid him (he was so.........HOT.......).

I LOVED the spiky blue hair. I don't know why, but I felt it fit him so well. He looks really cute with spiky blue hair.

And my absolute FAVORITE is the little fohawk. OSH MGOSH he looked so hot w/ fohawk.

So basically, what Karina Salgado said:


I think Mike should grow out his hair really long, then shave it and donate it to Locks of Love. I think the minimum length is something like 12inches or something....but he really should. :D

of courseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Kirby Shinoda said:

i don't really care what's on his head but whatever on it, he's still cool and i still love him (he's still cute, right ladies??)

i think this is the best mike's hair style!



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