Over the years since the hybrid theory days, Mike shinoda has undergone many different hair styles and colors (including orange and red) all the way up to the present day. I think your fellow LP fans would like to know what style of hair Mike has sported, is your favorite and feel free to discuss this here as well.

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i like this one.not only the hairstyle,but also his smile,he's so cute!

To my opinion, Mike will always be awesome, no matter how old he gets. Not that he is old, he wont be old until he reaches 150,lol. Anyways, I think my favorite hair style of his, is when its spiked up, black and red. The first Linkin Park, I ever heard was "In the End" (thats because my brother busted up in my room and made me listen to it, saying it was his favorite band) (Now of course, its my favorit band too). But.... as soon as I saw Mike with Spiked, black and red hair, I was like "Geeeez, I ware black and red to..... COOOL." lol. I always ware Black and red stuff in the summer time, with my high heels,  and my black fingerless gloves. Maybe I should get a black shirt, that says "Linkin Park" and ware it with a mini skirt and leggins, some time xD!

Linkin Park forever :)!!!

My favorite hair style that Mike had, is black and red, Spiked.

love this cheeky guy

love him in any hairstyle

love mike



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