honest opinion people do you like it better when mike sings on the mic

or puts in those heavy lyrics when he's on his rap movement 

honestly i cant choose, one you have smooth as hell, another you have someone speak truth to you

what do you guys think


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For me, he is excellent of all forms. When he was more rapper.. the musics was more agitaded.. It was very cool. Everybody likes. But now, he continued innovating.. With your beautiful voice. Of any form, the essence to be continued the same. The rate can be any and your voice to continued the BEST.

I like both :)

Really, to me is impossible to choose...

He's better anyway !!!

um...i say....hmm...srry cant choose..BOTH! =D

Agree!can't choose!I love both.the rapp brings me the powerfull energy,and his voice seduces me to the seventh heaven (like 'in between' song..)^^

Of course. His voice  involve us

I really like his rapping but his singing voice on No Roads left is like velvet, I love it!

i cant choose either i like both

I love both! Mike's amazing! <3 =)

Damn...the man can do it all! How can ya pick just one?

He sounds awesome both ways. His rapping brings a sense of edginess to the music, where as his singing voice is has a certain serenity to it. He is just AWESOME!

I love when Mike raps, hes the best rapper I ever heard in my whole life. And its a proven fact that Mike sounds like an angle when he sings. He's just that perfect. Mike will always be the best rapper/singer in this whole universe, all this is not just my opinion, its many's opnion. And as far as the whole band goes, they are the best band in this whole universe, and always will be. Everytime I try to sing there songs tho, my brother always tells me that I sing opra.But thats not a problem to me, I still sing there songs aloud infront of him, and even my mom, but my mom is usualy doing dishes or somthing, so she realy cant here me,lol.:)  Thats how perfect these guys are tho, there so good, that I enjoy singing along with there music.:)

LP forever! ^_^



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