How did you know LP?

When and where did you know about Shinoda?

What's the name of first rap by Shinoda you heard?

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From my classmates when I was in hig school, it is the MTM period. Thus, the first rap I heard is Hands Held High, I love that song.
I knew him 3years ago,when I in middle school.And then,I learned to sing his rap.Now,I have my own school music creation team,and because I'm a reporter of school magazine,I can get more from my schoolmates.Do you know?There 15% students in this city like LP,and 47.8% of them like Shinoda!
First in "In the end"..........mike shinoda's rapping is awesome!!!!!!.......XD
I dont remember when I knew about LP, because it seems that they are in my life since ever..
I started to love Mike's rap after Somewhere I Belong, it's a song that changed my life and turned it something special..
jeez which one do u want me to answer first (just kidding)

Anyway i knew LP when i heard "in the end" thats when i knew about Shinoda which was about 4 years ago
since then i have been a hardcore Linkin Park fan
It was my b'day on 5 jan year 2009.1 Frnd gifted me a CD.It consists of 6 AMV'S(anime music video).1st amv conists of lp song 'In The End' but the courtesy was not given in Credits.Same is with the case with another the song was 'Numb'.another was 'In The End-Reanimation'.After 2 weeks i saw another amv,song 'Forgotten' in that courtesy was given n den only came to know about LINKIN PARK.from den i also an hardcore fan of lp.I can't live without their songs.It feels like they are writing their song on me,my condition.i feel involved. IT IS THE LEGENDARY BAND CONSISTING OF 6 LEGENDS THAT FORMED IN MILLENIUMS' SO FEEL PRIVILEDGED THAT U BORN IN THIS TIME.
man, when i first heard of LP it was a LOOOOONG ass time ago. i remember i was four years old. it was in 2000 when thier first album came out. my older sisters LOVED linkin park. they still do to this day. even though their adults now. but back then, they would be jamming it with one step closer in the car and id be like wow, then when they put on in the end, that was when i started becoming a big fan of LP, i just fell in love with mikes rapping and then at that time i was picking up on the lyrics quickly AND I WAS JUST FOUR YEARS OLD AT THE TIME!!!! then i started listening to their next album, meteora, then minutes to midnight and now with a thousand suns. i've been a big fan of linkin park practically my whole life and that'll NEVER change. LP is part of my life man
awsome voice...keep rapp ON!!



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