omg! i'm too tired of reading of those commments.., something like.., he's good.. totally adorable, talented...etc. i want something new.,! u know what i mean...hahahha
something like.., where i could buy buy some cool tshirt with printed name of mike shinoda..hahha
u know guys i have never seen him in person or watching them performing on stage:( that's makes me please do share some cool experience if u guys had meet them or watched them on stage..

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we're the same.. i haven't seen them yet..
I haven't seen them either..:'(
havnt seen/met him either.. id love 2 though....
I havent seen them either! (insert epic fail face here) Dx

ok, i will compromise with the fact that he is married to anna....but if only he had a twin bro so there were two gyus like mike, i would marry his bro xD at least i will enter the family and his bro would be adorable too xD




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