'ello mikey fans!!!!!! wondering.... if mike shinoda appeared at YOUR front door on a random day... what would u do. honesty i'd.....

1) scream

2) faint

3) get up n hug him

4) invite him in

5) keep screaming



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enen:)!!! .. i will ask him ...if we meet in the street ........:) "hi?! sooo nice to meet u:)!! do you know Mike Shinoda? from Linkin Park :)........ you look like him soooo much !!!!!! :) "....................

honestly? no idea xD I would probably stand around stupid.

after 2-3 minutes I would ask myself:

"What's he doing here?" ^.^

1) Stare


2) Start screaming


3) Invite him in


4) Ask him to hang out a while :D

I think first need get up a big hug invite him and try not to scream :) i do this :)
well.. if I saw Mike in my door.. I couldn't believe this... I would get up and huge him of course and then I'd invite him in and I'd cry sure because it's my dream to meet him. I would ask a lot of things, I'd tell my brother that take a photo with him.... oh my God... if a could see him right now... ♥
i think i would paralyze!
whoo these r some good replies!!!!!! thanx evry1!!!!!!
i would prob do all of those and in tht order but nah, i would prob slap myself thinkin i was still dreaming! lol

I'd feel like I'm going to faint.... stutter... mumble...then I would hopefully find my voice again and ask him in to have a nice cup of German coffee :-)... talk to him... ask him to take me with LP on tour ;-) (just for one day, I'm not that demanding).... and ask "why the hell Chester hasn't come with you?"  lol


i scream, then i invite him in!!! and then offer him some food!!!
i would be completely shocked... i would want to sing a song along with him or ask him to freestlye, ot maybe not bcuz he probably gets tired of the day to day music, invite him into my crappy house, take pics, ask him to sign stuff (then again maybe not) then hope the rest of the band came with him bcuz i love all of them too but be completely content if they didnt come. then i would want to take him somewhere or go with him somewhere but thats just disaster bound to happen so i wouldnt. i'd buy a bunch of shit for him though and tell him to come back soon.



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