'ello mikey fans!!!!!! wondering.... if mike shinoda appeared at YOUR front door on a random day... what would u do. honesty i'd.....

1) scream

2) faint

3) get up n hug him

4) invite him in

5) keep screaming



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1)Freak Out

2)Invite Him In

3)Slap Myself

4)Slap Myself Again

5)Talk about music

6)Talk about art

7)Slap Myself Again


all of the above plus i would kiss him too!!!

Oh, God xD

First... I'd start screaming... and keep screaming out loud.. xD then hug & invite him in, of course. 

i barely understood a word of point 4.......... o_O"

Anya Redgewell said:

1) ask him what the hell he was doing there

2) invite him in for coffee and a chat

3) ask him what his personal thoughts are on what is occuring in the Middle East and northern Africa at the moment and what he hopes to see this bring for the people there

4) ask what led to the use of Mario Savio's address to the protesters in the Berkeley free speech movement in Wreches and Kings since it is such an obscure occurence to the majority of the population and ask what he thinks of the dynamics over the quandry of Oppenheimer having led the Manhattan Project, making him "the father of the atomic bomb" only to subsequently decry the use of atomic weapons and seek to stop the proliferation of his weapon on a global scale as the chief advisor to United States Atomic Energy Commission.  On a human level, what does he think provoked that in Oppenheimer?

5) Tell him that more than anything he has taken a lead in creating to this point, he should be proud of A Thousand Suns, 50 years from now this is going to be the project the world looks back on and says they were incredible humanitarians and musicians.... this one work has taken my respect for him and blown it up like a super nova.

6) thank him for stopping by!

U-U-..........U........u.......u m-MET him???????? OMG WEN WHERE HOW WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! what was he like?! is he as cute in person????? OMG u luky thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGH IM SO JEALOUS OF U!!!!!!!!! *over-reactive teen*

Betty said:
I've actually met Mike, and I literally froze... and i stared at him, A LOT. I'd probably stare at him again, and invite him in. Don't want to be rude now, do we? ;)
i would definatley stare at him forever and get him 2 sign my lp hat in silver sharpie

Zohan Khan (psychopath) said:

i wud do 1 or 2 of these things..

1- pinch urself 2 make sure u weren't dreaming

2- stare at tht SAME spot fr ages cuz of the shok

3- jump on him

4- or jump around ur house like a crazy person

i'm thinking of 1 first, then 3, then 4, then 5.. or 2 hahaha...


OMG !!     i'll Be doing the same thing !! but i won't let him go XD !!  LOL
First I would scream after would faint then get up and hug him and in the end invite him in :D
I'll wash his brain and keep him stay with me forever hahaha
thts kinda scary!!! lol xD

HanaH Kaday said:
I'll wash his brain and keep him stay with me forever hahaha


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