Hey I'm working some art and I wanted to know if this...is the Japanese symbol for dragon. Cause when I ever go to a LP concert I want to give it to Mike and I looked on google and it keeps showing different ones and I don't know which is the right one....so if anyone can help me I'd appreciate it. :)

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I  <3 Japanese anime like anything :(
Just had another thought. Do think you could show me how to write, lift me up let me go? If it's not too much trouble :p

Mihir said:

and you're asking this too? :P

You can use Google Translator, it works in most of the cases.



do you want it in japanese?

yes please :)
(mochi agete, tokihanashite)

"mochi ageru" means "to lift sth. up"
"tokihanasu" means "let sth/s.o. go"
Thank you!!!! =D
no problem ;)
It's in the album, the Japanese song on A Thousand Suns means Lift Me Up, Let Me Go :D
Cool, didn't know that :)

m0r1y055 said:

I'm a Japanese girl. Magi is right. Both 竜 and 龍 are the Japanese symbols for dragon. But when I explain about the difference between above two symbols, 竜 is more like an European dragon, an evil creature, meanwhile 龍 is more like a chinese dragon, lucky and precious god.

龍 is popular in use of personal name and place name in Japan because it has an air of dignity. 竜 is likely to be used for creature noun, for example, 恐竜 = dinosaur.

In addition, the "dragon" of Bruce Lee's "Enter The Dragon" came from "龍". I think "Dragon Ball" ,too.

It was a good study for me, thanks! (^^) /

I recommend it - it's a great language!!!

Elizabeth*<3 Breaking the Habit* said:
Hey thank you guys so much! :D I love Japanese and I want to learn it someday. :)
I know :) That's why I wanted to know :p

Aaralyn D said:
It's in the album, the Japanese song on A Thousand Suns means Lift Me Up, Let Me Go :D



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