Ok, so I just bought the linkin park "songs from the underground" CD and the Linkin Park Underground 9 CD, which both come with cards that give you a free one month access to lpunderground.com, but when I follow the instruction on the card, and go to the website as instructed, the website doesn't exist!!!!! And there are no apparent instruction on the original linkin park underground website!!!! If anyone knows what is going on/how to fix this MAJOR problem, pleaseeeeeeee tell me!!!!

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Hey, I had the same exact problem. I bought the same CD and tried it and it didn't work so I asked a MOD and he told me that they stopped doing that a year or two ago :/ sorry dude.....I hope they put that back on pretty soon though cause a lot of us can't afford LPU.....

i had the same problem! i still havent figured it out!

On LinkinPark.com you go to the title MAIN in top left of home page once you log in and there is the link to Linkin Park Underground :)


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