what do you LP fans think does Mike look good with long hair 

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hi everybody, I adore mike and I really like him with both long or short hair...but if I have to choose I prefer him with short hair he was great in the video of leave out all the rest taking his helmet off......OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!


he looks to cute with long hair, I like his rough short style better! but of course, I love him whatever style he puts on. :-)
man long hair short hair as long as the man keeps doin what he does best he's remains awsome
He looks AWESOME all the time whatever hairstyle he has. <3
I'm kinda glad he has the longer hair again - I loved that from the earlier pics - but however he likes to have his hair is fine with me :)
I agree with you in In the End video Mike hair look really awsome.I think be cool if Mike do this haircut again

Eric Aultz said:
I think that his hair looks good in the "in the end" video and the "one step closer" video.
He looks in  good whatever hair style has has.
everything is look good the short hair or long hair...Mike was so hot..:D


I've been trying to let my hair grow longer to get a style like his but I lack patience. 

Not a doubt about that!

jahnnavi said:

He looks in  good whatever hair style has has.

But I don't care what hair he has, long or short :) I love him 4ever!



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