Hello! I the fan from Russia. I am very malicious.What for a concert in Moscow all of you tickets have given radio NRJ?! They spend stupid actions-in result normal and devoted fans remain without tickets!?!! What for a disgrace?! Where free tickets for members LPUX?! Where treasured bonuses?!!! Why thousand normal fans won't get on a concert!!!? Fans of Russia it is simple in shock of that have dissolved linkin park and organizers! Thanks


Hello! I ask to take into consideration that occurred yesterday in Moscow. Radio NRJ, the sponsor and the owner of tickets, suited the action-rollermob (thousand persons on rollers). Has come not less three thousand persons! On their site it has been told that tickets will be received by each participant! As a result have distributed about two hundred invitations, other tickets have combined in a red bag, have put in the car and have left under shouts: "radio NRJ-gavno". As a result of thousand persons from all Russia, going thousand kilometers, remained with what! It was impossible to give simply tickets to free sale or on the official Russian fan-club of group lprussia.com?! Radio didn't know scale of action-in a result tickets have received nearby 200 persons, and many of them at all don't know, what for group Linkin Park?!. So this radio continues to press us the actions!!!... From here normal, years the listening, most devoted fans waiting for you not year, remain with what!We write to you that you have taken measures... Because in these actions are traumatized, and on a concert the people which completely not aren't knowing neither songs, nor group will come. Thanks

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