Hello our foreign friends and hello Linkin Park, fans. we have a very big problems with tickets on  concert at Moscow 23 june. Our radio NRG  promised  if we  will win contest , then all who participated, they get tickets, but this is  radio has told us "We have no ticket already! keep out!"In the end, all were left without tickets, Radio NRG lied to us that all of them will, and received in 1000 as they promise to only a man can 100.A others simply left rastroenymi and evil. Please help us to Moscow

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I absolutely support Sergey. I was yesterday at that contest, i heard myself organizers saying 'everyone will get tickets', but only 200 people out of 1500 got them. Organizers just said that there were lef none, however some minutes before it they put part of the tickets back to their car. Radio NRG - is an absolutely incompetent organizer, they never turn on Linkin Park songs on their radiostation, I'm sure their Dj's have no idea of what Linkin Park is. Yesterday the tickets were given to people, who also have no idea of what Linkin Park is, they were saying something like "Oh, we have a ticket to Linkin Park perfomance. What do they play?' While fans who know and love Linkin Park didn't get those tickets. And now those who don't know what Linkin Park are selling their tickets at  prices ranging  from 100 to 500$.
Dear Linkin Park!!!Please help russian fans!
We were waiting for U and soon your band'll come to Russia. But organizers don't give us chance to be there, on your perfomance. I'm from small town and if Moscow fans can't get this tickets, my hope is gone...
I want to trust that you'll read all this messeges. We need your advice and help. Thanks for wonderful music.
We've been waiting. We've been hoping. We were enormously happy to know that you're going to visit Moscow again! And what are we having now? Most of your REAL fans won't be able to get to the concert. Those dudes from radio NRJ at first claimed that everyone would be able to get that "free" ticket. They organized those stupid flash-mobes in Moscow and by now have given out about 200 tickets (although in reality there is about 20.000 of them). They don't care that people from other Russian places won't be able to come to Moscow for that f...n' flash-mobe! Moreover, many people who got those tickets have nothing to do with LP. They immediately started to sell these "free" tickets through the Internet to the REAL FANS, and the price varies from $100 to 500.
We understand that it's not LP whom we have to blame. I'm very sorry for all these complaining posts on your forum (as I've noticed, there are pretty many of them), but we thought that the more we speak about it, the better opportunity we have to be really heard.Because we WANT to see LP :'(
As for me, I've been listening to you for 9 years already. I didn't have an opportunity to be on your first Moscow concert and was hoping to see you in June. But it seems that my hopes will be ruined.
My boyfriend looks like Chester. If I don't get that ticket, I'll have to give him a "RockBand" microphone and make him sing your songs all day long. Although he looks like Chester, he can't sing at all. If you don't want me and all our neighbours to die of bad singing, PLEASE HELP US!!!


but seriously, this whole childish contest thing is pure crap. actually it would be really nice of them at least to ANNOUNCE full rules and not come up with them on the half-way through.. we have less than 3 weeks left to the show, and a lot of us are going from all over the country (cause, you know, LP shows are pretty rare in russia). people like us have a lot of things to plan, but no time.

they are also not answering any questions and complaints about arrangement of this whole thing. seems like they just don't give a crap about the band and it's fans.

one of the dj's of that damn radio said something like this: "this is a promo show for a movie, so no one really thought about the fans of linkin park". i mean come on.. how stupid does that sound? linkin park concert not for linkin park fans?

here's another thing - radio says that the sponsor (chevrolet) arranged the contest, chevrolet says it was the radio, so we just don't know where to go to be heard.

it would be so much better if they actually were selling the tickets..

I was on LP concert in Moscow on 6 June 2007. As LPU member I have prepared the gifts for Linkin Park with hope that Chester, Mike and others would return in Russia with new songs. And my dream came true - LP is going to visit Moscow again and the concert will be free! But my happiness didn’t last long; unfortunately I don't have any chance to get a ticket. Unfair Russian radio 'Energy' cheats LP fans! Profiteers rig and sell tickets at high price! Previous posts on this forum describe the terrible organization of this event. So I beg to intervene with this situation and give the opportunity LP fans to get free tickets.

People on this video screaming: NRJ is sucks!
Linkin Park! Please help us get tickets to your concert! I love you guys! :**:

So, what's up? Still no correct info about tickets? Event is tomorrow!




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