PLEASE, I don't understand HOW could EVANESCENCE beat LINKIN PARK. There was no one to vote??? What's wrong with us? 

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that's so bad ! :o

whatever that's the only contest we let them win. Let them have their only victory.

June 22 - 23:

Tokio Hotel vs Justin Bieber

The Jonas Brothers vs 30 Seconds To Mars

Katy Perry vs Miley Cyrus

Lady Gaga vs Christina Aguilera


June 24 - 25:

Green Day vs Blink 182

Paramore vs Selena Gomez

Evanescence vs Linkin Park

AFI vs Avril Lavigne 


June 26 - 27:

Ke$ha vs Taylor Momsen

Britney Spears vs Nicki Minaj

Panic! At The Disco vs My Chemical Romance

Adam Lambert vs Muse 


June 28 - 29:

Sum 41 vs Train

Rammstein vs Metallica

Red Hot Chili Peppers vs Fall Out Boy

50 Cent vs Kanye West

June 30 - July 01

Tokio Hotel vs Green Day

The Jonas Brothers vs Paramore

Miley Cyrus - Evanescence

Lady Gaga vs Avril Lavigne 


July  02 - 03

Taylor Momsen vs Sum 41

Muse vs Rammstein

Panic! At The Disco vs Fall Out Boy

Britney Spears vs 50 Cent 


July  04 - 05

Tokio Hotel vs Sum 41

Evanescence vs Panic! At The Disco

Avril Lavigne vs Rammstein

Paramore vs Britney Spears 


July 06 - 07

Tokio Hotel vs Panic! At The Disco

Paramore vs Rammstein


I am not surprised that dick JB lost to Tokio Hotel. But yeah, it is sad that LP lost EVS.


Here is what I think so far....

Linkin Park has done something that is, well, not politically favored. In Minutes To Midnight album and in A Thousand Suns, they have done songs that really hit the politics.


Greenday has also done things similar to that but not as tough and straight as that.


And Greenday didn't change its music style in the process unlike LP. When you change the music style, usually it is too risky and you might lose some fans in the process.

My dad, 56 years old, just like the old LP shouting and rapping. The only songs he enjoyed of LP's soft songs are Shadow Of The Day, In Pieces, In Between, Burning In The Skies and Iridescent. He said that the new music is cool but they were the best in shouting stuff and great guitar and remix stuffs.


That's where LP got strapped. People miss the shouting and the constant rapping. I wouldn't say the new style isn't great but I say I do miss the old LP.


Lula, it doesn't matter if LP lost to EVS, what matters is we show our love to the bands we love.

LuV, LP!!

its simple answear other dont vote because they think that other vote



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