1.good rapper



4.good mucian

5.bcoz he is famous

6.he's part of lp band

7.unique songs

8.sense of humor


10.or anything else....

and explane why?

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all of the above but more because he got a good sense of humor ha
all of d above but i guess mainly coz hez a gud musician ..
Above all, of course. But the most reason is thoughtful, good mucian and sense of humor.
He is talent for music and so faithful for his doings.

Rock on! \m/
"1.good rapper""3.thoughtful""8.sense of humor",yes!
healthy lynrics
heart & soul of the band,the MC
his english accent speaks very good just like a school teacher
he's grauated from college,that why I admire him !
i think his accent is good,because he grew up with the country of english accent..
but in his country they doesn't care if thier grammar is correct....but the most important is they can speak english with american accent....that's all i know about them..
thnx a lot for the reply..
Because he's everything that I want!

me too..,he's perfect for us..
um cuz he is hisself i mean he is good at sports he is a good artist he can sing and funny i mean and HHHHHHOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT so yeah and at 2 LP was my favoriye band how bout that for young so... o yeah 40$to be in a fan club and my mom is part of the street team which means i am Mike kenji shinoda whata hot name
sure he is perfect for u if he was he wouldnt be married hun

Cathy Sun said:
Because he's everything that I want!

i think the reason why she love mike or he is everything for her...because he is good looking guy and he got good reputation..
he's talented too...

erin nickol said:
sure he is perfect for u if he was he wouldnt be married hun

Cathy Sun said:
Because he's everything that I want!

I like Mike because he's not afraid to say what we are all thinking. There is a line in my favorite song "Hands Held High" (Forgive me if the title is incorrect) that I keep in my mind always. "When the rich wage war is the poor who die" I've been at the bottom and had seen the top. And I know he is right. I've seen it.
When I grow up (actually I could probably be his mother) I want to be like him.
First thing about him is that,he is the fuel of the band,without which the band can't kick start.
Second he got looks.
Third he raps very good



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