1.good rapper



4.good mucian

5.bcoz he is famous

6.he's part of lp band

7.unique songs

8.sense of humor


10.or anything else....

and explane why?

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all ov the above. because he is an amazing producer, amazing rapper, and he rock the hell out of me
of course,all of the above qualities he possess. but the main reason is that MIKE is a damn good musician n he has got a good sense of humor. also he is quite thoughtful... and it got to be one of the reason why i love LINKIN PARK. its the best ever rock band in the world....
good repper,cute,sexy ,.thoughtful,good mucian,
unique songs,sense of humor,that was mike shinoda i love the catalyst video :) you are in the best band in the word  linkin paark for ever :)

he is my idol and he is good looking to ..his raps have meaning and thts wht i love he talks about struggle lonliness trying to fit in  and pain which i love ...love ya mikeee

Mike is one man's who makes me excited :')
Love U Full !!! XD

I agree, and I like how thoughtful he is about the world and people in it and wants us all to do better by each other, as human beings in this world. And some of the things he says about himself are exactly how I have felt about myself, so it's great to know I'm not so unusual :)


And it's great that for the most part Mike doesn't do that "I'm a better rapper than the rest and they are all awful...bla bla bla" like most rappers seem to these days and he really puts his words and rhymes together well to show what he's trying to say - he's really worth listening to, just for his lyrics, but I love his rapping style, it's so great and strong and it feels, he doesn't suck the emotion out of his words or put emotion in that doesn't belong. I have all respect for him as a rapper and songwriter - I wish I were anywhere near as good at that stuff as he is :)


And yeah, I like that all the band have a sense of humour, and I like that he cares about us fans and shares with us now and then, and I'm glad he chose to do what he does in the band and that he exists and shares his thoughts and music with us. Wouldn't have it any other way :) :) :)
Maria Lamping said:

I like Mike because he's not afraid to say what we are all thinking. There is a line in my favorite song "Hands Held High" (Forgive me if the title is incorrect) that I keep in my mind always. "When the rich wage war is the poor who die" I've been at the bottom and had seen the top. And I know he is right. I've seen it.
When I grow up (actually I could probably be his mother) I want to be like him.

I like Mike because he have a good sense of humor,good reper,good musican i can say i like all 10 thing about Mike but i dont care if Mike dont be famouse i still like him :)


mike is a creative,smart, cool....

DIMAS ganteng


Hav new attitudes about music.Caring about teammates(not only Cheater)~warm smile,yeah,it's very lovely!
Quite agree! :)

Lindsay Yuan said:
Hav new attitudes about music.Caring about teammates(not only Cheater)~warm smile,yeah,it's very lovely!
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and there are many reasons for one to <3 him!!!!!!1



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