A refuge since birth


Just if I had a number

To ring in god’s mind

If he’s present somewhere

Behaving in a manner so blind


That this world is counting its days

As the life has turned much darker

Like when an orphan prays

Seeking his mother and father


He lives like a refugee

In a country so gaunt

Where love of a family

Is what every citizen wants


How can god be so harsh?

With these children almost murdered

In a world where children are god’s appearance

But are they so considered?


The toughest life in my eyes

Is the life of this lonely creature

Who is living or dying is not clear

By his depressing stature


May be these lines

I write not so inspired

But I want someone in future to pay heed

That these orphans are surely

In a refuge since birth indeed…


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wow this is a very good point to think of "the orphans"





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