Among the silence can you hear my insides screaming?

Seeing in between the right and wrong choices

Your voice painted over my memories

Within the moist smoke thats clouded above our heads

Can you find your poise or will you give in to be left for dead

Reach farther to cleanse out these words

Don’t be afraid to speak out the answers that were unsaid

We’ve bled once before

Now we are tryin to run towards the door

Shouting No! 

These bullets won’t make us endure the hurt anymore

Sheltered from the cataclysm rain

Deep somewhere inside here is where we’ll be searching for the cure

You’ve told me a lie, it was that this war is almost over

All I’m left with are the wounds which kept me so soar

Take me to a place beyond with the wind breatheing through our veins

Show me a reason that is worth fighting for

An explosion covers the earths core

Now we’ll touch the heavens above

In our minds we envolve into something much more

something much more

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