Where do you go to find new topics to write/sing about?

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shit just pops up in my head randomly. it's weird. i usually have to memoriZe shit all the time...
sincerely? my best ideas comes when i'm falled in love or angry!
Yes!! Always... like in the shower, but then when you're done it's like 'crud what was that?!'. xD

That's exactly how i feel. A great idea comes when im taking a shower, then whoosh its gone!
in the entrance of the house, on the stairs, I was there 3 songs written)))
I write and sing from ma own experiences, the world's tragedies, beautiful things in my life, although darkness can be beautiful as well and most of my songs are dark...
If i'm feelin sad/angry/mad i write it down, or when i'm walking sittin in the train whatever and thinkin of stuff and somethin comes up i think yea thats cool i write down, mostly when don't do i can't remember it anymore. xD
That's true. Even I experienced it loads of times.

pray003 said:
The best ideas always come up when you're in the bathroom.

in the shower, or when i'm at work i get good song ideas
mmm is so dificulte but it would be at he nigth
i just sit out on my swings, listen to my mp3 player listen to how they do it, and i write down sayings then i make the music and fit the sayings into the song
The best thing is to write about yourself. what i mean by that is problems thats been bugging your like a bad relationship or something about someone passing away. its all about heart and soul cuz anyone can write lyrics, but its soo much more when you write about yourself because then the song actually means something to you.



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